Elina Kewitz

Sales Agent

Company Info

Company Name: NEW DOCS

Type: Sales Agent

Company Description: NEW DOCS is an independent sales agency based in Cologne/Germany. We are specialized in high-quality documentaries that have been produced for the international market. We offer a selected portfolio of one-offs and series from the fields of history, science, current affairs, human interest, culture, art, travel and natural history.

Recent Titles

  • Behind the Headlines
  • Arabellion
  • Postwar Album
  • Mucha - The Story of an Arist Who Created a Style

Looking For

  • Arts & Culture
  • Human Interest
  • Creative documentary
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • Science & Knowledge
  • Investigation
  • Current Affairs
  • Nature
  • Education
  • Feature length
  • Series
  • One-offs
  • From 27 to 52’
  • More than 52’