Women Directors

Discover documentary films made by Israeli Women Directors!
Among our highlights:

WOMEN OF VALOR by Anna Somershaf
Premiere: Jerusalem Film Festival 2021
Ultra-Orthodox women are forbidden to run for Israeli parliament. One woman is determined to change this historic ban. Fighting against her own community with her friends, brings a huge personal price, but Esty Shushan won’t stop until she achieves equal rights for 600,000 womenAnna Somershaf is an Israeli documentary filmmaker and producer, born in Moscow and immigrated to Tel-Aviv in her childhood. “Women of Valor” is her first feature length documentary as a director. Her previous projects as a director include “Jihad Now” (a TV series about Global Jihad) and “Holyland” (about a Ghanaian Pastor of migrant workers in Tel Aviv).

THE REASON WHY by Julie Shles
Premiere: Jerusalem Film Festival 2021
Produced by Hilla Medalia
Suleiman El-Abid was sentenced to 27 years in jail for the rape and murder of Hanit Kikos, based on his confession alone. A few days after reenacting the crime he retracted his confession and has been claiming innocence ever since. Did he receive a fair trial or did the justice systems incriminate him to whitewash their own failures?
Julie Shles is an award-winning Israeli director and is known for her total immersion in her projects, deep sense of adventure and willingness to test boundaries. Some of her most awarded films are Afula Express (1997), Daroma (2002) and Muchrachim Lehiyot Same’ach (2005).

TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT by Yael Bartana New Vision Award at CPH:DOX 2021. Part of the Rebellions track at Sheffield Docs 2021.
“What if women ruled the world?” Yael Bartana stages the question in her performative ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’, where an all-women government of a fictitious country must take a stand on an imminent nuclear threat from a foreign nation. A panel of fictional characters and real women experts in fields such as defense, law, politics and psychology is set in a democratic ‘Peace Room’, mirroring the toxically masculine ‘War Room’ in Stanley Kubrick’s classic Cold War satire, ‘Dr. Strangelove.’ The women are tasked with deciding how to approach the pre-scripted situation. Bartana’s visionary work is the synthesis of an interdisciplinary four-year process that analyses the geopolitical power game – and presents us with an alternative to the macho power discourse. In her films‭, ‬installations‭, ‬photographs‭, ‬staged performances and public monuments Yael Bartana investigates subjects like national identity‭, ‬trauma‭, ‬and displacement‭, ‬often through ceremonies‭, ‬memorials‭, ‬public rituals and collective gatherings‭.‬
Her work has been exhibited worldwide‭, ‬and is represented in the collections of many museums‭, ‬including the Museum of Modern Art‭, ‬New York‭; ‬the Tate Modern‭, ‬London‭; ‬and the Centre Pompidou‭, ‬Paris‭. ‬She currently lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam‭.

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