Tal Michael

Tal Michael, born in 1974, is a film &TV director and content editor. Michael is a graduate of the film and Television dept. at Tel Aviv University, and a former PhD student in Comparative Literature.

Among her works are the films "Who's Afraid of Mordechai Vanunu?", and "Israel is not waiting..." about the assassination of Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, "Pitbulls: Flesh&Blood" about the last year of rehabilitation farm for dangerous dogs, the docu series: "My Little Empire"- 12 women who start their own independent business, "The story"-2 documentaries; the Drama: "Bench Player" and "No Rain"; "Vacum" and "MABAT Sheni"- docu- research; "The Israeli Connection "- season1+2 about the Israeli History through major conspiracy Theories. Her works gained prizes and participated in international festivals, and acquired by various channels in Israel and abroad.