Ghetto Uprising- The Untold Story

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has become a symbol of heroism throughout the world, but it’s generally accepted story is incomplete. Among the fighters was a group that was not granted commemoration, although it was responsible for the uprising major battle, The Germans failed to remove for 4 days the blue and white flag the fighters had hoisted into the Ghetto sky.
Mrs. Ziuta Hartman, the last survivor of the ZZW, came to Israel and tried to tell the story of her brothers in arms, but nobody was willing to listen.

Producer: Emanuel Shechter , Ronen Machlis Balzam



Production Company: Metaphor
Duration: 60 min. ,55 min.
Date of Release: 05.2017
Country of Production: Israel

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, English, German, Polish
Subtitles: Hebrew, English

World Sales

Costanza Film Distribution


History, Jewish Topics