I Am Not


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After 19 years of joy, rage and suicide attempts, Oren Levi is still struggling to find his place in the world.
He goes to boarding school, longs to have a girlfriend and dreams of making films. But despite wanting to be loved, he cannot stand being touched. Documenting his life on video is his way of getting to know just who he really is.
Tomer Heymann's latest film has been in the making for several years. It follows the major milestones of its protagonist's life course: how he came to be adopted by an Israeli family; the social dynamics at home; and psychiatric therapy. Heymann documents the journey Oren and his adoptive go on to Guatemala, where the young man meets his birth parents, a meeting mediated, inevitably, by Oren's video camera.


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Production Company: Heymann Brothers Films
Duration: 99 min. ,56 min.
Date of Release: 2021
Country of Production: Israel

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, English, Spanish
Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Festivals & Awards

  • DocAviv 2021
    Israeli Competition, Best Directing Award

  • DocAviv 2021
    Israeli Competition, Best Cinematography Award

Involved Broadcasters

Channel 8, Israel

Involved Institutions and Other Financiers

The New Fund for Cinema and TV


Children & Youth, Creative Documentary, Drama Documentary, Family Story, Human Interest / Social Issues, Jewish Topics, Personal Stories, Portrait, Social Issues, Spirituality