About a year ago, Moria, Europe‘s largest refugee camp, became home to 38 year old Nasim from Afghanistan. Together with her husband Shamsullah, their two sons and her extended family, Nasim tries to manage the rough camp life while starting to question her unhappy marriage. As her family pushes her to start a new life independent from her husband, Nasim struggles be
cause of her fears and insecurities. She needs to pass her asylum interview together with Shamsullah whose past she barely knows. When a fire destroys the entire camp, Nasim witnesses Europe turning a blind eye to
wards Moria again.

Producer: Ray Peter Maletzki , Stephan Helmut Beier , Ayla Güney



Production Company: Rosenpictures Filmproduktion
Co Producer: Ole Jacobs & Arne Büttner
Duration: 123 min.
Date of Release: 26.10.2021
Country of Production: Germany

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Farsi
Subtitles: English

Festivals & Awards

  • DOK Leipzig 2021
    German Competition

  • DOK Leipzig 2021
    DEFA Sponsoring Prize ver.di Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness

Involved Institutions and Other Financiers

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Greece


Current Affairs, Human Interest / Social Issues, Portrait