The Book Of Curses

The words of a long-lost diary crying out to be heard. The film moves from dramatic narration of the diarist’s descent into hell to interviews with the daughter of the diary’s saviour; from a desperate search for Berkovitch’s fate to a man who witnessed the liquidation of the ghetto; from the archives in Warsaw to actors performing a play on the site of the ghetto from which the diary was written. And what of his call for revenge? The film tackles this delicate subject through the eyes of a Nazi hunter, a psychologist, and grandson of a survivor.


Producer: Michael Kagan , Tamara Vershitskaya



Duration: 65 min.
Date of Release: 04.2019
Country of Production: Israel

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, English, Russian
Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Festivals & Awards

  • AegeanDocs Festival 2019

World Sales

Costanza Film Distribution


History, Jewish Topics, Religion