The Motive

Jerusalem Film Festival


On a wintry Friday night in 1986, 14-year-old “A” woke up in his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Karem. He took the M-16 rifle that his father brought home from the army reserves and shot his parents and two sisters in the head, point-blank. Then, he changed his clothes and ran to the neighbor’s house. When the police arrived, the detective asked him why he had shot and killed his family. The boy answered that a green creature commanded him to do so. Hundreds of psychiatrists from Israel and abroad tried to decipher this abnormal act, but none could reach a clear conclusion. They spoke with the person closest to the murderer, attorney-at-law, Yossi Arnon, who presents his version for the first time, and admits that the boy had conjured up the fictitious story about a green creature...

Director: Tali Shemesh , Asaf Sudry

Producer: Tali Shemesh , Asaf Sudry


Duration: 110 min.
Date of Release: 11.12.20
Country of Production: Israel

Shooting Format: 4K
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English

Festivals & Awards

  • Jerusalem Film Festival / 2020
    Documentary Feature

Involved Broadcasters

yes Docu – DBS Satellite Service

Involved Institutions and Other Financiers

Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, The Israeli Lottery Council for Culture and Arts


Biography, Drama Documentary, Family Story, Investigative, Newest Arrivals, Personal Stories