Copro 24 // industry sessions

Martha Hall | ZOA House TLV (Beit Ziyonei America), 1 Daniel Frisch

The American Model

Tuesday 31.5.22 | 16:00 | ON SITE EVENT

A panel on financing, working with the US market, and the major shifts in the media corporate landscape.

Moderated by Danna Stern 

Igal Svet, VP Documentaries, discovery + 

Russ McCarroll, Founder, Pocket Square Productions / Consultant, SIPUR

Lauren Haber, Head of Development, Impact Partners  





Mazeh 7 | 2nd Floor

Impact 101

Thursday 2.6.22 | 15:00-16:15 | ON SITE EVENT

Launch event for CoPro and the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund’s Impact Lab An introduction to impact, and how documentary film can foster change through internationally proven impact strategies.

Moderated by Margje De Koning, Artistic Director of ‘Movies that Matter’ Human Rights Festival

Dr. Maayan Agmon, Co- founder of Kayama Center

Libby Lenkinski, New Israel Fund

Yonatan Nir, Director and Producer



Mazeh 7 | 2nd Floor

The Future of Television in a Changing World

Thursday 2.6.22 | 16:30-18:00 | ON SITE EVENT

Exploring the trends and changes that affect public broadcasters, the streaming boom, collaborations between broadcasters, and the duties of publicly-funded companies in a rapidly-shifting landscape.

• Philippa Kowarsky, BBC 4 – Storyville
• Rinat Klein,  Hot 8
• Renaud Allilaire, France Télévisions
• Rudy Buttignol, British Columbia’s Knowledge Network



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