What information is required in a film’s page?

In order to upload a film to the Docushuk site we need the following information in English.
• A short synopsis (up to 70 words)
• Film details: length, format, release  year,  etc…
• Team details: director, producer, co-producers, sales
• List of festivals
• Link to trailer on YouTube or Vimeo (without password protection)
• Film Image
• Screener

We strongly recommend that you proofread all your English texts and make sure they are clearly worded and appealing. Remember, our experienced buyers come from around the world and expect your texts to be on par with high-quality international standards.

It is important to fully fill in all film details in order to create an optimal public profile.  After filling the film information, click Submit Project Details and you’ll be directed to the film upload page. Drag the film to the relevant box or upload the file from your computer and wait for confirmation that the upload is complete. Be sure not to close the browser window while uploading the film or allow the computer to enter sleep mode until the upload is complete.  When you complete the upload, click Back to Homepage.

Your film is now pending the Dockushuk team’s approval; once approved, you will receive an email confirming your film was published.

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